Kitty O’Neal is a singer-songwriter from the U.K. In 2018 Kitty released debut album “Giving in to You”, receiving critical acclaim from BBC Introducing and attracting venues in the South of England where she has recently supported Band of Skulls and Meadowlark. Mixing her folk influences with a love of alternative pop sound, her performance encapsulates both moods in a unique and ever-evolving sound. Kitty’s poignant songwriting, catchy melodies and distinct emotive performance makes for a captivating and vibrant live experience, filled with both soulful melancholy and groove.

“Around the autobiographical grit of life she builds melodic pearls. Her silvery vocals twist their way into your subconscious so that you find her words and tunes continue to haunt you.”


“Shades of Nick Drake on the guitar and Joni Mitchell on the vocals” – Daily Echo

‘Giving in to You’ from Kitty O’Neal is a rare find. An album showing exactly what an unsigned artist can do making the music they want to make. It has been on repeat in my car! It’s not just Kitty’s exquisite vocals but tracks like ‘Without a Sound’ demonstrate exactly what this artist is capable of, a track that already sounds like a classic. Kitty is also not afraid to push the boundaries with tracks like ‘Where Will I Go?’ – challenging what you might expect from an artist who you’d perhaps put in the folk category. Really excited about this artist! – Stephanie Nieuwenhuys, BBC Introducing Solent


“Make It Yours is everything we’ve come to expect from Kitty O’Neal. Her ear for an irresistible pop hook allows her to build something joyful, hopeful and undeniably catchy. It’s a sign of a great songwriter when we find ourselves clicking play for the fifth time in a row.” – Folkroom Records