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I recently filmed a live session of 4 tracks from my album Giving in to You, at arts venue The Art House, Southampton.  The four tracks I chose are tracks I am particularly drawn to, and so I thought I would tell you a bit about them…


Take It Slow is a sleep-deprived stream of consciousness – written in one of those creative frenzies where the songwriting and creativity flow so rapidly that you don’t realise you’re writing something until it is finished. I remember sitting in my old room and just writing it in a couple of hours. The majority of time spent working on this song was actually spent in the studio once the skeleton of the song was finished. I remember writing the choral parts which took ages, and that was the last thing we recorded on the album I think. I felt quite overwhelmed with changes and decisions that year, and I think I wrote this track as an optimistic reminder to slow down and appreciate the moments of calm and beauty…the times where you can be peaceful and completely alone in your own head. 


Difficult was the first song I wrote and decided, “Yes that is going on an album”, and I remember thinking it was going to be the last track. I think it sounded like a last track, but obviously changed my mind. It is a song about the rejection of material affection or false romance, and it was me asking for a connection with someone unknown based on real things like honesty and vulnerability. I struggled to write lyrics for this song as I had so little to say about what was happening. I was feeling uncomfortable, bored and uninspired. I actually intended the repetition in the verses to evolve into something else, but I never thought of anything and kind of realised this was how it was supposed to be in order to reiterate my feelings and frustration at the time. I wrote string parts for this song, and we got real human string players to record them and this was one of my favourite parts of the whole recording process, it was amazing hearing something I’d written come to life so quickly.


Comfortable Enough – this track is about an internal conflict I often have between the fear of, and the craving of, loneliness. I think it’s about the morality of settling for something or someone because it’s easy and temporarily ‘stable’, even when you know somewhere deep down it is not right. This happens quite a lot but I don’t have any recollection of ever writing this song, I don’t have any little recordings or lyrics written down like I sometimes do, so I don’t really have much to say about it. Take from it what you will!


Blame Baby tells the story of a daydream that came to life one day in my head. It is a song full of conversations that never actually happened, but were kind of interesting to romanticise and play out in my head. I felt kind of crazy writing it so I start to cycle the question of whether I’m insane for writing a song about some hazy daydream that was in my head one day. I remember writing this on my guitar, but after playing it at the piano I wanted strings and orchestral sounds that we later added in production. I remember enjoying this a lot, it was a really fun and creative session, and Dan’s string writing for this song was perfect.


To watch the live session, head over and subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the 🛎 to get notifications of when I upload so you don’t miss any future things! 💕 If you enjoyed reading me ramble about my songwriting process, go and check out this interview I did which gives a bit more insight to my little songwriting brain…


Love, K


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